Project Marble - Cultured Marble Range

Marble Designed For Interiors

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Bringing Marble Into Mainstream Design and Interiors


Project Marble set out approximately 5 years ago to develop and produce an extremely high quality cultured marble ideally suited for marble decor and interiors.  This cultured marble needed to look great, perform better than other marbles and be totally dependable and reliable on a large scale.


Project Marble succeeded and present to you our Cultured Marble Range.

About Cultured Marbles


  • Cultured Marble is an engineered marble at the cutting edge.  Performances and appearances are far ahead of anything else on the market.

  • Beautiful range of colours designed by Project Marble all on display in our Marble Decor Studio.

  • Shading totally consistent with no blemishes, fossils or colour shakes.

  • Performance properties are greater than many other engineered and natural marbles.

  • Cultured marble uses are unlimited for interior designers as see above and descibed below.

  • Materials are fully CE approved, guaranteed and produced in a green, environmentally friendly production line.

  • Recently specified and used in large scale projects for Global brands such as Louis Vuitton and Harvey Nicholls.

  • All of the following products are available in cultured marbles







  • Marble Stairs including balustrade and railings

  • Wall panels and architrave

  • Flooring

  • Fireplaces

  • Bathrooms, showers and wet-rooms

  • Columns

  • Counter tops and vanity units